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Business insurance is complex. Call in Cover Corps to help you navigate the complexities of the Livestock Industry. Cover Corps is a nationwide insurance agency that uses state-of-the-art technology to instantly connect you with a licensed professional to provide you with the best coverage options unique to your business. Whether you are a Rancher, Hatchery Operation, or a Feedlot Operator, Cover Corps can analyze your business needs and provide your business with the best coverage. Whether you need a simple Business Owners Policy to protect you from slip and falls, fire, workers compensation, or you need more complex coverages like Farm Liability Protection or Livestock Insurance. Cover Corps has you covered!

Deep Knowledge of the Livestock Industry

At Cover Corps, our experts cover a wide array of businesses within the Livestock Industry. We work with the best carriers to provide your business with the most comprehensive coverage. Below are some examples of the businesses we cover in the Livestock Industry:

  • Fish farms
  • Mussel production
  • Finfish hatchery
  • Ratite production
  • Bison production
  • Burro production
  • Chicken hatcheries
  • Feeder pig farming
  • Sea plant agriculture
  • Veal calf production

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We are not limited to these businesses within the Livestock Industry. Let Cover Corps design the most cost effective coverage for your business. Call or chat with a licensed insurance professional at Cover Corps or click start quote for more.

Customized Risk Solutions for the Livestock Industry

Your business needs protection. The Livestock Industry has its unique and specialized set of risks that need to be mitigated to ensure your business's protection by selecting the right coverages. By connecting with Cover Corps we will help you wade through the myriad of coverage options whether it be a simple BOP policy or more general coverages like Workers' Compensation Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, or even more complex coverages like Farm Equipment Insurance or Barn and Outbuilding Insurance. You can connect with Cover Corps to provide you with the right coverage that will protect you and your business. Fortunately, Cover Corps can design a customized solution for your Livestock business.

Standard Coverages

Your business is unique. Cover Corps provides customized coverages in the Livestock Industry.
Typical coverages for the Livestock Industry:

  • Workers' Compensation Insurance: You are required to cover the cost of treatment of injuries sustained by employees while on the job. Workers' compensation insurance, which is required in most states, provides compensation in these cases.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Business auto insurance covers your company’s vehicles and drivers that are damaged or injured in a collision or some other type of event. If you or your employees drive personal vehicles for business purposes, you must have nonowned or hired auto liability coverage to protect your company in cases where an employee is an accident while out making deliveries.
  • General Liability Insurance: This coverage is a standard part of any business insurance policy. It covers injuries and property damage sustained by third-parties while visiting your business. It also includes product liability insurance, which protects you if someone is harmed by your product.
  • Farm and Ranch Insurance: Is a hybrid form of coverage meant to protect you both personally and commercially. Like a standard homeowners policy, farm insurance will cover your home, possessions and personal liability. Beyond that, it also includes coverage for your machinery and livestock (though not for your crops).
  • Farm Personal Property Insurance: This is designed to cover livestock, crops, farm machinery, supplies and tools in the event that they are lost or damaged by a covered event.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: This is standard coverage in any business insurance policy. It includes coverage for damages to the structure of your owned building and coverage for your other business assets such as inventory, computers, and furnishings.

Specialty Coverages

Cover Corps also provides specialty coverages for the Livestock Industry that cover your unique business risks like:

  • Farm Liability Protection: Protects you from losing your farm due to any liability issues such as injury to another person on your property, medical payments or hospital bills or legal defense.
  • Livestock Insurance: There are different scenarios where livestock can be killed or damaged, so with livestock insurance, it’s simply a matter of replacing those that are lost and carrying on with business as soon as possible. Coverage options for this type of policy include individual, blanket and herd coverage.
  • Farm Equipment Insurance: This coverage protects your farm equipment, supplies and other machinery
  • Barn and Outbuilding Insurance: This coverage is designed to protect any outdoor buildings related to your farming business such as barns, sheds, garages or grain silos.
  • Livestock Transit Coverage: Helps provide coverage for death and crippling coverage on a broad perils basis for covered livestock while in due course of transit.
  • Equine Insurance: Provides coverage in the event a horse becomes ill or dies, is no longer able to be used for business purposes, or causes an injury or property damage.

  • At Cover Corps we understand the complexities of the Livestock Industry. We pride ourselves in our technology and the ease of connecting you instantly to a licensed insurance professional who knows your business. We are waiting for your questions. Please feel free to chat or call and be immediately connected to Cover Corps. When you need coverage Call Cover Corps!

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